• Diplomat MFT 9.1 User Guide

    The attached guide provides detailed administrator documentation for Diplomat MFT 9.1

  • Diplomat MFT 9.1 Release Notes

    Notices *************** IMPORTANT **************** ****************************************** New and Added Changed and Updated Fixed

  • Changing administrator password policies in Diplomat MFT 9.0

    In Diplomat MFT Basic Edition and Standard Edition there is no interactive setting for modifying or disabling password expiration or disabling username case sensitivity. However, these settings do exist and are available to be modified via manual tweaks to a configuration backup. Essentially you will need to take a backup,…

  • Diplomat MFT 9.0 User Guide

    The attached user guide provides detailed administrator documentation on Diplomat MFT 9.0

  • Diplomat MFT data retention details

    Some Diplomat MFT editions offer options to purge files based on age, such as configuration backups, logs, and files in SFTP Server user folders. Each of the various settings have their own independent aging criteria you specify per your policies and desires. They are all executed using the same general…

  • Diplomat MFT Release Timeline

    Version Number Release Date End of Support Date 9.1.1 2022-10-26 9.1 2022-06-15 9.0 2021-10-04 December 15, 2022 2021-03-07 June 31, 2022 8.3.1 2020-12-16 June 31, 2022 8.3 2020-09-29 June 31, 2022 8.2.1 2020-05-01 September 29, 2021 8.2 2019-12-18 September 29, 2021 8.1.1 2019-05-20 December 31, 2020 8.1 2019-12-29 December…

  • Send email notifications with Microsoft Office 365 (O365)

    Diplomat MFT can send files via email as well as send email notifications to IT staff and even business users via SMTP. A number of Coviant Software customers use O365 daily as their means of sending email notifications. Configuration of your corporate O365 environment to allow Diplomat to do so…