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Changing administrator password policies in Diplomat MFT 9.0

In Diplomat MFT Basic Edition and Standard Edition there is no interactive setting for modifying or disabling password expiration or disabling username case sensitivity. However, these settings do exist and are available to be modified via manual tweaks to a configuration backup. Essentially you will need to take a backup, modify it, and restore from that modified backup.

Creating and modifying a backup file

Exercise extreme caution to avoid any unintentional or unsanctioned changes to the Diplomat MFT backup files, including noting case in element names and values. Modifications beyond those listed here can negatively affect Diplomat’s operation, even the ability to restore to a prior or unaltered version without requiring a reinstall.

  1. Go to File > Backup and take a full backup.
  2. Go to C:\ProgramData\Coviant Software\Diplomat-j\backup and open that new backup file in a text editor.

    NOTE: Run the text editor as administrator to avoid UAC issues.
  3. Make your modifications and save your changes.
  4. Go to File > Restore and select that modified backup file.

Admin Password Policies

To disable the requirement for periodic password changes, search the backup file for the passwordUpdateInterval element and change the value to: None

Other valid values would be: 3 Months, 6 Months, or 1 Year

Similarly, you may change the values of the elements next to it, if necessary and desired: passwordMinNumChars, passwordMixedCaseRequired, passwordAlphaNumericRequired, and passwordSpecialCharsRequired.

Admin Username Case Sensitivity

In versions prior to 9.0, case sensitivity for an administrator username was enabled by default. For new installations of version 9.0 and later, an administrator username no longer defaults to case sensitive. Out of respect for established production security configurations, Diplomat does not automatically alter that setting when upgrading from prior versions to 9.0 or later, but you may choose to make that change.

To disable case sensitivity for usernames, so that both “Administrator” and “administrator” are equally valid, search for authCaseInsensitive and change the value to: true

Updated on June 2, 2022

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