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Diplomat MFT 9.1 Release Notes


*************** IMPORTANT ****************

  1. Diplomat MFT v9 and higher will NOT RUN with an older license file. If you are not sure if you have the proper license file, please contact Coviant Software for assistance.
  2. Upgrading directly from versions prior to 7.3 is not supported. Please contact Coviant Software before proceeding.
  3. All Diplomat Remote Agent sites MUST BE UPGRADED when upgrading from versions prior to 9.1.


New and Added

  • v9.1 introduces a new transaction type: Synchronization. You can now specify a source folder that is replicated to one or more destinations, using any transport protocol supported by Diplomat MFT, to keep all those destinations in sync with the source folder. This is perfect for replication tasks like updating web farms with new content, or distribution tasks. A perfect option for those looking to replace Repliweb. (Enterprise Only)
  • v9.1 expands the Transaction (Inbound and Outbound) to support multiple destinations for a single set of source files. Now you can easily define a single transaction to move files to all the destinations you wish (each using whatever transport protocol is supported by Diplomat MFT), without requiring linked transactions or scripting agents called in the post-transaction custom process. (Enterprise Only)
  • Diplomat MFT v9.1 enhances the Source File matching configuration to include intuitive configuration for choosing case sensitivity, regular expressions, recursive matching, and the choice of specifying INCLUDE or EXCLUDE matching. (Standard and Enterprise)
  • Diplomat MFT v9.1 updates the Folder Monitor transaction scheduling choice to allow for recursive monitoring — now files added to subfolders of the monitored folder can trigger the transaction execution. (Standard and Enterprise)
  • Diplomat MFT v9.1.1 introduces support for the Edge Gateway. The ability to act as an SFTP Server is further enhanced by the Edge Gateway residing in the DMZ to receive incoming connections from external clients so that Diplomat MFT may be retained in the protected internal network without ever being exposed to direct connections from potential threat actors.
  • queryTimeout for SQL transactions
  • Support for configurable “max outstanding packets” for SFTP file transfers
  • “Most Recent” and “Oldest” options to Source Modified Date Range
  • “Retain Source Permissions” for Local Network Partners
  • Ability to save empty passwords
  • UTF-8 encoding for non-ASCII filenames in logging and Remote Agent
  • Unix-style <epoch> variable to the <DATE> parameters
  • Support for retaining item configuration folder structure when promoting Transactions (Merge Restore)
  • Tooltips for status icons
  • Recursive directory listing support added for synchronizations to a Diplomat Remote Agent
  • Run Now window now has Pop-out capability and Save Log button
  • Run Now window status checks now occur at 1, 3, 6, and 10 seconds, and then every 5 seconds
  • Auditing for which administrator invoked Run Now
  • Scripting Agent options for direct PGP operations
  • Support for SFTP host key signatures using RSA-SHA2-256, RSA-SHA2-512, and Elliptic Curve cryptography SSH keys
  • When creating PGP key pairs, to maximize compatibility flags are added for CAN_ENCRYPT_COMMS, CAN_ENCRYPT_STORAGE, CAN_SIGN, CAN_CERTIFY and CAN_AUTHENTICATE.
  • ASCII-armor option to include a comment
  • Host address is now checked to ensure erroneous URL-style inputs are corrected
  • PGP keys validated to ensure proper key types are selected for decryption

Changed and Updated

  • TLSv1.3 used by default for SSL/TLS-encrypted connectivity
  • Tomcat updated to 8.5.81 (with OpenSSL 1.1.1o)
  • Updated SMBJ transport library to 0.11.5 with support for SMBv3 encryption (using “7.3” option)
  • Update ZIP4j library to 2.10.0 and improved logging of zip exceptions
  • Performance improved for determining overwrite conditions when destination is SFTP, FTP, or Remote Agent
  • Source and Destination Partner dropdowns now support typing values to filter the results
  • License Expiration warnings appear in Web Admin when logging into a server that has less than 30 days remaining on its license
  • Job Monitor streamlined with tabbed interface
  • Job Monitor three-dot menu for each column now provides filtering options to narrow what transactions are displayed based on name or status or other properties
  • Smoothed upgrading from older versions by disabling case sensitivity for administrator usernames and forced password changes for non-Enterprise Edition installations.
  • Archive file and folder names now always translate invalid windows characters
  • Status indicator colors refreshed to closely match prior versions
  • Improved Merge Backup performance for very large configurations and with Synchronizations
  • Improved Merge Restore button names and behavior and default selection of DMRG files
  • Search/Move dialog now scrolls to selected target
  • Enhanced performance of Synchronizations using Destination directory listings
  • SSH Socket Timeout now honors partner’s “Timeout” setting
  • Source location details in email notifications are back by popular demand
  • Sync performance improved for Remote Agent targets
  • Keys dropdowns now support typing values to filter the results
  • Edge Gateway address may be host name rather than only IP address
  • Partner, Transaction, and OpenPGP Key reports may now be generated in CSV
  • Increased logging for certain Synchronization transaction actions
  • Reduced Edge Gateway socket timeouts
  • Synchronization comparisons are no longer case sensitive
  • Search results are now sorted alphabetically
  • Export button from Search dialog now allows an output file path and name
  • Updated MVS FTP parsing to use “referred date” as modified date
  • Optimized Synchronization when Remote Agent is SOURCE (download small files in one round trip)
  • Added logic to better handle HttpNoResponseException in Remote Agent
  • Updated Apache Mina SSHD library to 2.9.2
  • Updated SSHJ library to 0.35.1-DIPLOMAT
  • Removed unnecessary legacy items to further harden against vulnerabilities
  • Optimized building destination file list at start of job when destination file names are not changed
  • Improved performance of Enterprise Edition job execution
  • Enhanced reliability of daily cleanup tasks
  • SSH-RSA host key algorithm prioritized over RSA-SHA2-* algorithms for broader compatibility with remote SFTP servers
  • Nonexistent scheduled days (such as June 31 or February 30) are now skipped
  • Impending license expiration notice (<31 days) added to Service Restart email notifications
  • Invalid Windows characters in key details are now automatically sanitized for export file name
  • Notification email formatting enhanced to prevent Outlook removing line breaks
  • Scripting Agent no longer requires passphrase repetition
  • Updated error message layout for improved usability
  • Added validation to prevent the use of only “*” as destination file name
  • Updated default configuration to handle more concurrent requests
  • Remote Agent now deploys required commons-io resource by default
  • Run Now and notification error text updated with number of expected vs found files
  • MDC text added to “Add Integrity Protected Packet” option for greater clarity that it does indeed refer to Modification Detection Code (MDC).


  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements for the Web Admin UI
  • Bug in “retain permission” when destination is Local Network but source is not
  • Job Monitor date sorting
  • Stacked OK dialogs when creating PGP keys with multiple subkeys
  • Error with auditing FILE_SRC_AUDIT when a transaction downloaded the same source file more than once
  • Validation button to work properly when validating a non-edited transaction.
  • Reaper thread problems in Standard Edition after first execution
  • Directory listing results for SMB Test
  • Error when setting a schedule to expire
  • Calculation of schedule when using Hourly recurrence and daily window
  • Incorrect attempts to set permissions when retaining modified time on a destination SFTP server
  • SFTP timeout for some operations did not respect admin configuration
  • Occasional “Page Not Responding” error in web admin
  • Slack and Teams notifications in Synchronizations
  • SMB directory list with the “Test” button.
  • SQL error due to “-1” insertion into TINYINT column
  • Old application components selectable and delivered during installation
  • Looping transfers to or from certain cloud storage providers
  • Incorrect conversion of variables when Match Case disabled
  • Error when Transport Method set to Email
  • White screen when browsing local drive root
  • Occasional error when using Merge function
  • Empty password error when using only SSH Key auth for SFTP users
  • Wording could be “undefined” when no Partner selected rather than “None”
  • Azure Blob SAS URL persistence
  • Duplicate key errors with JOB_DEST_AUDIT
  • Invalid job recurrence configuration could cause “/ by zero” problems at startup
  • Recursive pathing problem when “Translate Invalid Windows Characters” enabled
  • Trusted Partners could be created as Public Partners in some instances
  • Partner details not retained when creating Parter from within a Transaction
  • SFTP user could not be saved using only Public Key Authentication
  • Status icon for PARTIALLY_SUSPENDED was incorrect
  • Right-click options on Inbound Transactions was incorrect
  • Synchronization issues when Remote Agent is the Source
  • Save As New Partner now properly offers Trusted / Public partner option and copies all connection details
  • Teams and Slack notifications success alerts showed WARNING icon
  • Regex backreference replacement bug preventing replacements (“$1”) that were less than 2 characters apart.
  • Array index out-of-bound exception for some Date variable scenarios
  • Edge Gateway connectivity errors when debug temp logging not present
  • Cloned Partner would not always receive all details
  • Email transport errors
  • Recognition of new licensing and activation of Invocation & API component
  • SFTP user logins audited redundantly to the admin activity table
  • Some SSL certificates could cause errors
  • Option to retain source permissions sometimes visible even when not applicable
  • Directory listings gathered by Remote Agent could fail if a file had certain sequences with equal signs in the name
  • SFTP clients via the Edge Gateway could conflict with IP whitelisting
  • Importing OpenPGP keyring files imported keys not actively selected
  • Time picker crashing upon manual entry
  • Checkbox disablement for Run Linked Transaction option
  • Scheduler update when daily window is set
  • Zip File/Path validation did not account for DATE variable
  • Under rare circumstances one Source Files definition not found would stop others from processing
  • Remote Agent not always closing files properly
  • Transaction report errors with Box transport
  • Destination File(s) field validation prevented valid choices
  • All bugs fixed in v9.0

Updated on July 24, 2023

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