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Diplomat MFT 9.1 Release Notes


*************** IMPORTANT ****************

  1. Diplomat MFT v9 and higher will NOT RUN with an older license file. If you are not sure if you have the proper license file, please contact Coviant Software for assistance.
  2. Upgrading directly from versions prior to 7.3 is not supported. Please contact Coviant Software before proceeding.
  3. All Diplomat Remote Agent sites MUST BE UPGRADED when upgrading from versions prior to 9.1.


New and Added

  • v9.1 introduces a new transaction type: Synchronization. You can now specify a source folder that is replicated to one or more destinations, using any transport protocol supported by Diplomat MFT, to keep all those destinations in sync with the source folder. This is perfect for replication tasks like updating web farms with new content, or distribution tasks. A perfect option for those looking to replace Repliweb. (Enterprise Only)
  • v9.1 expands the Transaction (Inbound and Outbound) to support multiple destinations for a single set of source files. Now you can easily define a single transaction to move files to all the destinations you wish (each using whatever transport protocol is supported by Diplomat MFT), without requiring linked transactions or scripting agents called in the post-transaction custom process. (Enterprise Only)
  • Diplomat MFT v9.1 enhances the Source File matching configuration to include intuitive configuration for choosing case sensitivity, regular expressions, recursive matching, and the choice of specifying INCLUDE or EXCLUDE matching. (Standard and Enterprise)
  • Diplomat MFT v9.1 updates the Folder Monitor transaction scheduling choice to allow for recursive monitoring — now files added to subfolders of the monitored folder can trigger the transaction execution. (Standard and Enterprise)

Changed and Updated

  • Tomcat updated to 8.5.81 (with OpenSSL 1.1.1o)
  • Performance improved for determining overwrite conditions when destination is SFTP, FTP, or Remote Agent
  • Source and Destination Partner dropdowns now support typing values to filter the results
  • License Expiration warnings appear in Web Admin when logging into a server that has less than 30 days remaining on its license
  • Job Monitor streamlined with tabbed interface
  • Job Monitor three-dot menu for each column now provides filtering options to narrow what transactions are displayed based on name or status or other properties
  • Update ZIP4j library to 2.10.0 and improved logging of zip exceptions
  • Added queryTimeout for SQL transactions
  • Smoothed upgrading from older versions by disabling case sensitivity for administrator usernames and forced password changes for non-Enterprise Edition installations.
  • Archive file names now always translate invalid windows characters


  • Various minor bug fixes and performance improvements for the Web Admin UI
  • Fix bug in “retain permission” when destination is Local Network but source is not
  • Job Monitor date sorting corrected
  • All bugs fixed in v9.0

Updated on August 3, 2022

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