Google Cloud Set-up

This article explains how to set up a Diplomat transaction with Google Cloud cloud storage as a source or destination.


1. Prerequisites

  • A Google Cloud account.
  • At least one bucket defined within the account.
  • Authorization credentials file.

  2. Generate Google Cloud Credentials

  • Login to your Google Cloud account and then go to the IAM & Admin service page.
  • Click 'Service accounts'.
  • Click 'Create Service Account'.
  • Provide a name for the account and click 'Create'. The new account should be listed on the Service Accounts page.
  • Click 'Create Key' on the right-hand drop down menu.
  • Choose 'JSON' for key type and click 'Create'. You should be given the option to download the credentials file.  The filename should  have an extension of 'json'. 
  • Download json file,which contains your Google Cloud credentials.

  3. Set Up Diplomat Transaction

  • Open the Diplomat MFT Client.
  • Under Transactions from the top menu bar, select either Create Inbound or Create Outbound to create a new transaction.
  • Choose 'Google Cloud' as the transport type.
  • Click 'Browse for Credentials' and locate your downloaded credentials file.
  • Fill the 'Bucket' field with the name of the bucket to be used.
  • The 'Directory' field is optional. When used, it refers to a sub-directory of the bucket.
  • Click the 'Test' button to see the current contents of your bucket or sub-directory.
Updated on February 19, 2020

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