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Importing SSH Public Keys


If you wish to import SSH public keys into Diplomat MFT (for example, to use as an authentication mechanism for an SFTP Server user), then those key files have to be in SSH2 format. This format is easy to discern because the file will begin with a line reading:



Some tools will generate an SSH Public key in a different format, such as OpenSSH. This format always begins with single line that looks like “ssh-rsa”, or “ssh-dsa”. Those files needs to be converted from the OpenSSH format into the SSH2 format.

To do so, open a command window and use the “ssh-keygen” tool in Windows 10 and higher to perform the conversion as follows (assuming you have an OpenSSH public key file called “foo.pub”):

ssh-keygen -e -f "foo.pub" > "foo_ssh2.pub"

Once the conversion is finished, you can import that SSH2 formatted SSH Public Key into Diplomat MFT for use.

Updated on July 27, 2022

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