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Recovering Lost Administrator Passwords

Can I recover the password for a Diplomat MFT user account?
Diplomat MFT passwords cannot be recovered.  They are encrypted in the Diplomat MFT transaction database and cannot be decrypted.  However, when you login with a user account with administrator privileges, you can overwrite the password for any account with user privileges.

What happens if I forget or misplace all of the passwords for all Diplomat MFT user accounts with administrator privileges?
Contact the Coviant Software support team and request a new recovery license. That special license adds an administrative account with administrator privileges using username “Administrator” and password “diplomat”.  If a user account with username “Administrator” already exists, the password is updated to “diplomat”.

Below is a summary of steps to install the new license.

  1. Stop the Diplomat MFT service.
  2. Copy the new license file into your Diplomat configuration directory (by default C:\ProgramData\Coviant Software\Diplomat-j), delete the diplomat.lic file found there, and then rename the newly copied file to to diplomat.lic in its place.
  3. Start the Diplomat MFT service.
  4. Log into Diplomat using username “Administrator” and password “diplomat”.  Most likely, you will be prompted to change the password on the account. If not, change the password manually by choosing your name or “Administrator” in the upper right hand corner of the web page and selecting the “Change Password” option in version 9 and later, or go to File > Password (previous verions).
  5. Delete any remaining copies of the new license file received from Coviant Support (OTHER THAN the one you renamed to diplomat.lic)

It is important to remove any extra copies of that original license file because each copy represents a potential security risk. It can be used to add an account with administrator privileges in the future or reset the master password.  Once the Diplomat MFT Service is restarted, the diplomat.lic file in place no longer has the capability to add an administrator account.

Updated on September 22, 2022

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