Release Notes v7.3

Diplomat Managed File Transfer
Release Notes v7.3

*************** IMPORTANT ****************

1. All product documentation is now available at
2. All Diplomat Cloud Connector sites MUST BE UPGRADED when upgrading to Diplomat MFT v7.3 from versions earlier than Diplomat v7.1.

3. If you are upgrading from any Diplomat MFT v5.x or v6.x EARLIER than v6.2:

   . BEFORE STARTING THE UPGRADE, be sure you know the domain, username and password for the network account associated with the Diplomat MFT Service. On Windows systems, this account is referenced in the Log On tab of the Properties page associated with the Diplomat MFT Service.

   . IF YOU ARE USING CUSTOM PORTS, you must update the server.xml file typically located at C:\Program Files\Coviant Software\Diplomat-j\tomcatWebserver\conf. See for details on how to change port numbers.

4. Upgrading directly from v4.x or earlier of Diplomat Transaction Manager to Diplomat MFT v6.0 or later 
is not supported, please contact Coviant Software Support before proceeding. 
5. The web.xml file is replaced during the Diplomat v5.x installation.  The current web.xml file is 
renamed web.xml.old.  If you believe that you have made changes to any settings in the web.xml file, 
please contact Coviant Software Support before proceeding. 

6. The web.xml file is NOT replaced during an upgrade from Diplomat v5.x to Diplomat v6.x or v7.x.

7. In Diplomat MFT Standard and Enterprise Editions v6.2 through v7.0, jobs using File Monitoring can stop monitoring unexpectedly.  No notifications are sent when the monitoring stops, so the Diplomat 
administrator is unaware of the problem. At this time, we strongly recommend that you DO NOT USE the File Monitoring feature for critical file transfer jobs, especially if you have seen this problem with your Diplomat implementation.

*************** IMPORTANT ****************

Version 7.3 enhancements:

. Substantially expanded job scheduling choices.  Diplomat Scheduler panel now includes the ability to view the planned execution dates of up to 10 job runs for a transaction.  

. When using the Test button on HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS and SFTP partner profiles, geo-location information is displayed.

. Added option to skip specifying a Windows user logon account for the Diplomat MFT Service during the installation. NOTE: If you choose not to provide a user account, you must specify a login account with the required privileges for the Diplomat Service after installation.  See for detailed instructions on how to update the Diplomat Service.

. Added link to release notes under Help from the top menu in the Diplomat MFT Client.


. Added newer SMB capabilities. Support for SMB 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 are now supported. 

. Dates to be excluded from scheduling (e.g., holidays and other non-business days) can be set under Settings > Calendars from the top menu bar.

. Improved report formatting.  NOTE: Report generation now requires PDF software on the system where the Diplomat MFT Client is running.

. Added ability to use a forward proxy server when connecting to HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS and SFTP servers.

. Added Description column to jobs tables in audit database, which contains any information in the current Description field of the transaction.  NOTE: The Description field content in previously existing audit records will be NULL. NOTE: New column is added automatically when the Diplomat MFT Service is restarted after an upgrade to Diplomat MFT v7.3.

. Added timestamp information to start-up email when a memory overflow occurs.


. Added support for Azure blobs.

. Added support for 

. Upgraded to Dropbox API v2.  Anyone using or planning to use Dropbox should upgrade to Diplomat MFT v7.3 as soon as possible.

. Added ability to go directly to a saved Partner Profile from the Source or Destination Partner Profile panel in a transaction.

Version 7.3 bug fixes:

. Obfuscated password in message passed back from executing a Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent command.

. If the directory specified in the destination partner definition cannot be accessed successfully (e.g., it does not exist and cannot be created or it does not exist and “Attempt to create new folders” is not checked), then fail the job without trying to transfer any files.

. Increased buffer size when using SMB as transport type to improve file transfer speeds.

. Transactions can now be updated and saved while a job based on the transaction is executing.

. Fixed problem where Run Now window was not being properly populated.

. Fixed problem where Diplomat MFT Client and Job Monitor main screens were not being resized correctly.

. When going directly to a transaction, partner or key from Search/Move, make sure that the transaction, partner or key is displayed and highlighted in the left navigation panel.

. Fixed problem which generated an error when changing from Email to any other transport types in partner profile panels.

. Fixed problem when using Test button on an SFTP partner with ‘Verify SSH Host Key’ checked. If a problem occurred while connecting to the SFTP server, the Test dialog results were never displayed. 

. Fixed problem in Enterprise Edition when using saved partner profile for SFTP with key authentication.  If partner was changed to <None>, the key was removed from the partner profile.

. In Enterprise Edition, added some auto-complete functionality when selecting saved partner names from a drop-down list in the source and destination partner profile panels.

. When using RSA keys for PGP encryption, use encryption sub-keys, if available, before using the master encryption key.

. Corrected problem when Diplomat Cloud Connector session timed out before delete file request was made.  Now, Diplomat attempts to reconnect and complete the file deletion.

. Corrected problem that would cause a Diplomat Cloud Connector job to fail to reconnect, when auto encrypt/decrypt and checkpoint restart were both selected.

. Corrected problem on Windows Server 2008 where drop-down fields were too narrow to show the selected drop-down value.

Updated on April 21, 2022

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