Release Notes v8.1.1

Diplomat Managed File Transfer
Release Notes v8.1.1
*************** IMPORTANT ****************
1. All product documentation is now available at
2. All Diplomat Cloud Connector sites MUST BE UPGRADED when upgrading to Diplomat MFT v8.x from versions earlier than Diplomat v7.1.
3. If you are upgrading from any Diplomat MFT v5.x or v6.x EARLIER than v6.2:
   . BEFORE STARTING THE UPGRADE, be sure you know the domain, username and password for the network account associated with the Diplomat MFT Service. On Windows systems, this account is referenced in the Log On tab of the Properties page associated with the Diplomat MFT Service.
   . IF YOU ARE USING CUSTOM PORTS, you must update the server.xml file typically located at C:\Program Files\Coviant Software\Diplomat-j\tomcatWebserver\conf. See for details on how to change port numbers.
4. Upgrading directly from v4.x or earlier of Diplomat Transaction Manager to Diplomat MFT v6.0 or later is not supported, please contact Coviant Software Support before proceeding.
5. The web.xml file is replaced during the Diplomat v5.x installation.  The current web.xml file is renamed web.xml.old.  If you believe that you have made changes to any settings in the web.xml file, please contact Coviant Software Support before proceeding.
6. The web.xml file is NOT replaced during an upgrade from Diplomat v5.x to Diplomat v6.x, v7.x or v8.x.
7. In Diplomat MFT Standard and Enterprise Editions v6.2 through v7.0, jobs using File Monitoring can stop monitoring unexpectedly.  No notifications are sent when the monitoring stops, so the Diplomat administrator is unaware of the problem. At this time, we strongly recommend that you DO NOT USE the File Monitoring feature for critical file transfer jobs, if you are still using Diplomat MFT v6.2 through v7.0.
*************** IMPORTANT ****************
Version  8.1.1 enhancements:
. Implemented option for one-pass signatures for PGP messages.  When one-pass signature is selected in the File Handling panel of a transaction, Diplomat processes the target file in a single pass for both encryption and signing.  NOTE:  One-pass signatures may not be supported by older PGP implementations. Newer implementations may require it. If you have trouble decrypting or verifying files created using one-pass signatures, please contact your trading partner to confirm their PGP decryption tool supports this feature.
. Replaced embedded JRE8 from Oracle with Zulu JRE8 from Azul Systems based on OpenJDK.  NOTE: Java Web Start is not available for OpenJDK-based software, including Zulu JRE8 from Azul Systems.  If you wish to continue using Java Web Start on any system, please be sure to have an appropriate JRE from Oracle installed which supports Java Web Start.
. Streamlined FTP versions with library updates.  Removed FTP Version drop-down from all FTP, FTPS and SFTP partner profiles.
. Eliminated support for Accelerated Transfers (aka, pipelining) with SFTP due to problems when interacting with some SFTP servers.
. Do not set job status to FAILURE when failing to delete local source file unless all five attempts fail.
. Added ‘Translate Invalid Windows Characters’ checkbox to the File Information panel, which is unchecked by default.  When checked, the following invalid windows filename characters (:, *, ?, “, <, >,and |) are converted to a dash (-) in the Destination File(s) field.

. Allow customization of SSL and SSH crypto algorithms to use for transfers, by using a properties file.  See Knowledge Base for more details.

Version 8.1.1 bug fixes:

. When downloading files from a remote source to a local network location, check overwrite conditions before creating the list of files to be downloaded to reduce processing time. 

. Correct issue in “Test” functionality for SFTP transfers using a Partner Profile that has SSH Client Key authentication only. No longer need to supply a password just to test.
Updated on April 21, 2022

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