Release Notes v8.2.1

Diplomat Managed File Transfer
Release Notes v8.2

*************** IMPORTANT ****************

1. All product documentation is now available at
2. All Diplomat Cloud Connector sites MUST BE UPGRADED when upgrading to Diplomat MFT v8.x from versions earlier than Diplomat v7.1.

3. If you are upgrading from any Diplomat MFT v5.x or v6.x EARLIER than v6.2:

  • BEFORE STARTING THE UPGRADE, be sure you know the domain, username and password for the network account associated with the Diplomat MFT Service. On Windows systems, this account is referenced in the Log On tab of the Properties page associated with the Diplomat MFT Service.
  • IF YOU ARE USING CUSTOM PORTS, you must update the server.xml file typically located at C:\Program Files\Coviant Software\Diplomat-j\tomcatWebserver\conf. See for details on how to change port numbers.

4. Upgrading directly from v4.x or earlier of Diplomat Transaction Manager to Diplomat MFT v6.0 or later is not supported, please contact Coviant Software Support before proceeding. 
5. The web.xml file is replaced during the Diplomat v5.x installation.  The current web.xml file is renamed web.xml.old.  If you believe that you have made changes to any settings in the web.xml file, please contact Coviant Software Support before proceeding. 

6. The web.xml file is NOT replaced during an upgrade from Diplomat v5.x to Diplomat v6.x, v7.x or v8.x.

7. In Diplomat MFT Standard and Enterprise Editions v6.2 through v7.0, jobs using File Monitoring can stop monitoring unexpectedly.  No notifications are sent when the monitoring stops, so the Diplomat administrator is unaware of the problem. At this time, we strongly recommend that you DO NOT USE the File Monitoring feature for critical file transfer jobs, if you are still using Diplomat MFT v6.2 through v7.0.

*************** IMPORTANT ****************


Version  8.2.1 enhancements:

  • Added Google Cloud Healthcare API integration to Google Cloud Storage transport (destination only).
  • Added support for “keyboard interactive authentication” in the SFTP transport.
  • “Retain Source Modify Date” now supported in FTP, FTPS, and SFTP destinations.
  • S3 Uploads now support files > 5GB by using Multipart Transfers automatically.
  • Added index to Job History database to increase performance, especially helpful on busy servers.
  • Update the EULA.

Version 8.2.1 bug fixes:

  • Corrected code to properly manage HTTPS cryptographic settings.
  • Updated diplomat.keystore to have a new self-signed SSL certificate that is not expired.
  • Fixed SSH key fingerprint verifier to support EC cryptography.
  • Corrected duplicate delete issue when multiple source file entries point to the same file (but different destinations), and “delete after transfer” is chosen.
  • Corrected S3 bucket listing error that failed to obtain full listing on buckets with very large listings.
  • Corrected issue when generating a Transaction Report when one or more partners used SMB transport type. (20200602)
Updated on April 21, 2022

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