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Diplomat MFT 9.0 Release Notes

*************** IMPORTANT ****************

  1. Diplomat MFT v9 requires a new license file format. Contact Coviant Software if you have not already received a replacement license file.
  2. Diplomat MFT v9 introduces a new way to manage and monitor your Diplomat MFT platform: a web-based administration accessible from any modern desktop browser, such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, and not including Internet Explorer. The legacy Diplomat MFT Client application is still available in 9.0, and a shortcut to this app in the installation folder. Switching to the current web admin as soon as possible is strongly recommended, as future support for the legacy application is not guaranteed.
  3. All Diplomat Remote Agent sites MUST BE UPGRADED when upgrading from versions prior to 8.3.1.
  4. Upgrading directly from versions prior to 7.3 is not supported. Contact Coviant Software before proceeding.


New and Added

  • Web Admin replaces legacy Diplomat Client and Job Monitor applications
  • SFTP Server capability
  • SFTP Server data retention policy
  • SFTP Users creation and management
  • REST API for configuration management
  • Shared Access Signature (SAS) support for Azure Transport
  • Proxy support for Amazon S3 Transport
  • S3 Compatible API support for Amazon S3 Transport
  • security options to FTPS Transport to better manage self-signed and expired certs at the partner FTPS server
  • “Tomorrow” option for Source File Format
  • “File Idle Time” File Ready Condition to help ensure files are ready for processing
  • Session Management now available in all Editions (Web Admin only)
  • Visual color status indicators now available in all editions (Web Admin only)
  • Accommodation for FTPS servers with improper SSL Session resume (IIS FTP)

Changed and Updated

  • Tomcat updated to 8.5.75 (with OpenSSL 1.1.1l)
  • Security options for FTPS and HTTPS Transports now reject invalid server certificates
  • Improved error recovery logic for File Monitor
  • Admin username case insensitivity defaults to enabled
  • Audit trail setting defaults to enabled
  • Run Now dialog counts up seconds on the client side
  • Any authenticated administrator may read Backup and Audit settings
  • Dropbox support updated to allow TLS 1.2


  • Unzip matching problem
  • PGP failing when master key is sign-only, sub-key is encrypt-only
  • Service stop delay when unsendable emails are in outbound queue
  • Google Cloud Storage and Box credentials handling
  • Email Transport multiple addresses handling
  • View Logs for Remote Agents
  • Job failure errors when upgrading from older Basic Edition to current Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition
  • Issues parsing nonstandard MVS FTP directory listings with FBA and other formats
  • Problem encountered when deleting an OpenPGP key
  • Rare difficulty with Weekly schedules inheriting previous Daily day-of-week exclusions.
  • Problem with retaining proper credentials in a new cloned Transaction
  • Azure Blob SAS URL persistence
  • Duplicate key errors with JOB_DEST_AUDIT
  • Invalid job recurrence configuration could cause “/ by zero” problems at startup
  • All bugs fixed in v8.3.1

Updated on October 19, 2022

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